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Hyper pigmentation is  a skin condition with discoloration and  uneven skin tone with either dark or white patches especially on the face,chest and back area. This condition may be as a result of exposure to chemicals( those who work in high hazard companies),usage of harsh chemicals on the body,drug reaction, pregnancy,poor hygiene, it can also be hereditary.

REMEDY :We advise you take the following steps:

Cleanse. Depending on your skin type, we have quite a number of Oriflame cleansers also known as face wash, this is to remove oil and dirt from the skin surface.

Tone: This is the act of removing residual dirt the cleanser may have missed, the toner also closes the pores of the skin in readiness for treatment. Again the choice of toner is also dependent on the skin type.

Treatment: We recommend Oriflame Optimals even out day and night cream. The day cream brightens the skin for a clearer skin while also protecting you from further darkening of the sun because of the SPF content during the day. The night cream fades away the dark spots and evens out the skin discoloration while you sleep or rest at night.

Note: Certain lifestyles needs to be adopted during treatment and after treating hyper pigmentation to avoid reoccurrence .The steps are as follows.

  1. Stop the use of harsh chemicals on the skin immediately.
  2. Avoid using damp towels and wash your towels as often as possible.
  3. Maintain clean bedding and change your bedding as often as possible.
  4. Do not use hard sponge on your face, as this act further irritates the skin thereby causing discoloration; get a face sponge and always air it out to dry.
  5. Please, do not be tempted to wipe your face with your clothes,dirty handkerchiefs or any available cloth.always wipe your face with clean handkerchief and do not use more than once before washing.
  6. Avoid touching your face during the day for any reason as bacteria from dirty hands can also irritate the skin
  7. When using creams in jars; avoid counter touching, by this i mean you should collect enough quantity and close the jar.
  8. For women,limit the number of times you wear full-fringed hairstyles especially in hot weather, avoid synthetic hair and pick and drop hairstyles but if you must wear them, do that in up do style.
  9. For Men,avoid unnecessary facial hair. Try washing your face before shaving and wipe your face with a steamed towel after shaving.



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