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SKIN POLISHING: Just as the name implies,this is the act of removing dead skin layers from the skin surface through scrubbing, as we all know the skin renews itself every 21 days it makes sense that dead skin has to be buffed away for the new skin to show. Speaking logically, I personally do not cook with fire wood or kerosine stove, it means that my utensils cannot be stained by charcoal but i wash my utensils with scouring powder; I do that because I want my utensils to sparkle, that is exactly what Oriflame milk and honey sugar scrub will do for your skin.

If you have BLEACHED in the past that has  resulted to DARK PATCHES  and really UNSIGHTLY MARKS, this product is for you. It means the layers of of your is dead and needs to be removed .SEE PRODUCT

milk and honey sugar scrub
milk and honey sugar scrub

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