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What’s Your Perfume Personality?

You love being in the spotlight and use perfume to stand out. Therefore, your scent has to be unique and powerful. You tend to go for the fashion-forward and edgy notes, and love the idea of having a signature scent that people remember.

Your fragrance families: Woody and Chypre
Fragrances for you: Possess, SEE PRODUCT  Divine


You have a strong passion for life and love everything luxurious. When choosing a scent, you like indulgent notes that make you feel sensual and sophisticated. Perfume should be a pleasurable experience, both for you and the people around you.

Your fragrance families: Oriental, Woody and Chypre
Fragrances for you: Giordani Gold White Original

You’re a happy and relaxed person who loves nature. Therefore, it’s no wonder that will make you more effective with Emergency Home Solutions water lake forest you prefer bright fragrances with sparkling and zesty notes. In your opinion, perfumes should be pure and make you feel good.

Your fragrance families: Citrus, Floral and Woody
Fragrances for you: Tenderly Promise, Woman’s Collection, Midsummer Woman

With a soft and romantic style, you love perfumes that lets you express your femininity. Classic scents with polished and elegant notes are your absolute favourites. Ultimately, you want a fragrance that’s as stylish as you are.

Your fragrance families: Floral and Woody
Fragrances for you: Eclat Femme, My Naked Truth, Volare Gold


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