Everywhere I turn, I see people with different skin issues and in need of urgent help but clueless as to what to do and unfortunately I cannot talk to everyone. Skin issues has no age restrictions. Young people,adults and senior adults experience skin problems but the pertinent questions are;what is my skin type and how does my skin type affect me?,what do I really need and what products targets my skin condition?, who do I  talk to?.

To answer any of the above questions,we have certified Oriflame consultants who can help you. The added bonus is that these consultants will not only guide you on your skin needs,they will also show you how to make money from buying/using Oriflame products and how to get paid for  recommending Oriflame products to othersJOIN NOW


*DUSTY LOOKING SKIN, the skin looks like you have not had your bath in days, you need OXYGEN BOOST


*DULL LOOKING SKIN(FACE);you like you are just waking up or you have been crying,you need REJUVENATION

*EXCESS OIL,your pores look enlarged and you look older than you actually are. You need DEEP CLEANSING and MATTIFYING


*PIGMENTATION,basically you have discolorations, some people call it  eczema, ‘liki-liki, ‘nlacha etc. You need a good TONER to stop the bacteria from further breeding and to be EVEN TONED.


If you have  any of the above mentioned is your issues;contact ME or any Oriflame consultant near you.

                       WHY  ORIFLAME  IS YOUR BEST OPTION(Because I said so)

a)  Your body does not build resistance to the products,the more you use Oriflame products;the better your results get( you use a product that you liked and after the first two packs you stop seeing effects, you are thinking, did i buy the fake or what?-your body has simply built resistance and the product stopped working).

b)  Oriflame products are always available and can get to you in any part of Nigeria.(sometimes you really see a product that works for you,you go to your favorite shop and it’s sold out or you relocate, your favourite shop will not move with you.).

c)  If for any reason,you stop using Oriflame products,you don’t have any fear of darkening or loosing already achieved results; your skin goes into marking-time mode until you resume using your ORIFLAME product  again(with most products,as soon you stop using them,you become noticeably darker or your skin issues return).

d) You get your skin tested and get professional recommendations(I have bought and used luxury products,they only indicated  which product is for which skin type but did not tell me how to know my skin type).

SKIN TESTING:  This is the first step to a beautiful skin. The basis and the foundation. We have Dry skin, combination skin and Oily skin, you have to find out the category you fall into- that way your consultant will know what to recommend for you.  At one point or the other we have fallen victim  of  ‘A: oh, I love your skin,what do you use?. B: I use xyz essence’ and A dashes off to buy xyz essence; let’s say B has dry skin and the  x,y,z essence contains oil which is good for dry skin and A has oily skin and xyz essence contains oil which is not what oily skin needs. You see; A can never have B’s result. The need for skin testing can not be over emphasised. contact an Oriflame consultant today to find out your skin type.

e) You buy high quality and all natural products at affordable rates and you are sure you are getting it from the real source- Sweden(Europeans do not cut corners)

{How do I know all these?. As a matter of fact,I have been a  ‘Guinea pig’ to a lot of products because in the line of  my business, I have to use products before recommending to my clients. Some of the products worked but my body built resistance to them after a while, some did not do what it claimed it will do, while some outrightly finished me}.

 ” I would rather rectify my skin issues than cover it with layers of makeup.  Emma Oscar-Atuma

Disclaimer: The images used in this article is just for the sake of emphasis, not to insult,discredit the persons or their character.

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