Every weekend, hundreds of people get married,but somehow the bride is always the point of attention,you have to look your best on your wedding day because long after the guests have gone-if you succeed in getting your wedding day  look right,you will cherish the memories you created for a very long time. Every girl is allowed to shine and look her best on her wedding day,as a matter of fact,she is permitted to be a super star on her big day.

I will show you how be the best looking bride with the healthiest glow  with Oriflame products and also share some tips.Here are some things you can do before and on your wedding day to look your best.  

1 Clear skin

You will be showing of either your back,cleavage,arms or legs. We suggest you use milk and honey gold smoothing sugar scrub once a week 4-5 weeks prior to your big day to remove little pimples,get rid of dark knees,ashy knuckles and exfoliate your skin to reveal glowing skin.



2 Bright smile

If you can afford to book a professional to get whiter teeth in minutes;go for it but if you cant and you want as much results,you can do it at home and at your convenience with Optifresh system8 crystal white toothpaste. Just start ahead of time.



3 Smell heavenly

You want people to remember how lovely you smelt during ‘here comes the bride’ moment. Your fragrance of choice on your wedding day should be welcoming not attacking your guests.

Spray your fragrance and walk into the mist to achieve total coverage-do it before wearing your clothes though. You can top up during the day,around your wrists(don’t rub it together),around your wrists,behind your ear and your inner elbows. Here are my picks for a perfect wedding day fragrance., Lovely garden, voyager woman and ms Giordani.


 4 Feet forward 

It is your wedding!heels will be worn,you don’t want to stuff crocodiles into your beautiful shoes. Go for pedicures,then maintain the softness by applying feet-up advanced cracked heel repair every night. You will love your feet.


5 Eyes on me

We all love lash extensions and everyone is going for that look,even women who don’t wear false lashes on a good day all go for lash extensions on their wedding day,but if you are sticking to mascara for some reason make sure it is voluminising and water proof(in case you cry). Go for Oriflame Beauty wonder lash waterproof mascara.

6 A Touch of sparkle

I am not saying you should turn yourself to a disco club,because even your groom would not like the stain.

Spray Precious moments on your chest and back area for a light shimmer that will not compete with your jewelries(There is an actual ring attached to it,a bride can wear).




7 Kiss the bride

Of course there will be a lot kissing.Firstly,get your lips flake free with Tender care ,then moisturise and subtle colour with The one lip spa care balm ,then enhance your lips natural colour with The one colour unlimited lipstick available in 7 bride friendly shades(made from all organic ingredients )





8 Repair

To restore radiance:Pure skin 2in1 clarifying facial scrub and  purifying mask. To remove eye bags: Novage Bright sublime advanced brightening eye cream. To erase spots and lines: Novage Bright sublime brightening toner.



9 Make up

Your wedding day make up should basically be to enhance your natural beauty and to make your your most beautiful features more beautiful. Tell your make up artist to stick to natural colours, neutral tones and rose lips


10 Perfect nails

Your hands will be on display all day.While a lot of brides go for the old fashioned french tips it will also not hurt to go for a  long that can take you through the honeymoon period. Get a chip free manicure that can last up to 14 days with The one long wear nail polish.



11 Flawless face

Most of my clients who are make up artist swear by The one everlasting foundation for that fresh face look and breathable skin and The one matte velvet powder for a mattified look that would take you through the dance,hugs and pleasantries.




12 Volume

Although you may be wearing hair extensions, your own hair will be mostly out,add volume and life to your hair with HairX volume boost leave- in conditioner.

13 Clutch

Get a handy clutch to put your essentials and for touch ups like blotting papers,mints,lipcolour 


Last words

Try as much as possible to get a youthful skin before your big day by cleansing,regular exfoliation,using serums,moisturising and using masks weekly-Don’t forget to get enough sleep(it is called beauty sleep)to help your skin repair itself.

Go ahead and be the best looking bride. 



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