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Get your basics right

Get your basics right

Most times,getting glowing and flawless skin has nothing to do with money or class but with getting your basics right. Don’t just walk into a cosmetics shop and get anything you see off the shelf probably because someone you know is using that product or it is ‘what the big girls ‘are using. If you don’t know about cosmetics-be open to learn from a specialist or someone who knows.

Know your skin type 

Not knowing your skin type is like going through life without knowing your genotype. This is the foundation of all things,it helps you know what products to use or avoid,what works for your skin type and how best to maintain it.Do you know that you don’t need to ‘bleach’ to get a brighter skin complexion?;just use products meant for your skin type and watch your skin glow.Contact me or any Oriflame consultant around you and get your skin tested.

Know what you put on your skin

The skin you are in is what you are going to live with until your time on earth is over so don’t mistreat it. You can replace your house,cars etc but not your skin,if you damage it you will will live with the regret.Know what you put on your skin. Some people see Nigeria as a dumping ground where anything can sell,they bring in products that are unsafe and banned in their own place into Nigeria and some greedy Nigerians aid them in their atrocity.Try as much as possible to use natural and organic products like Oriflame products.

Get a routine

This cannot be over emphasised,especially when you are no longer in your twenties(you should know what works for you by now,your tasting,tasting days should be over). Get a routine that works for you. This comprises of Cleansing,Toning,Moisturising and possibly Advanced care.Your skin will thank you later-remember,consistency is key.

Google is your friend

They are a lot of fake cosmetic products out there,as a matter of fact,most skin issues especially pigmentation is as a result of using fake products and the only way to decipher the original from the fake is by knowing what the product should look like. When buying products,do well to ‘google’ the item and and also ask ‘how to know the fake of xyz’. You can also go a step further to read the product reviews,that way you get to know what other people think about it and you can form your own opinion.

Do all of the above and enjoy your skin-life. Emma Oscar-Atuma

contact or whatsapp me on 08033391312,08058995842

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