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How to take Care of Oily Skin in Rainy season

How to Care for Oily Skin in Rainy season

The rainy season comes with a lot of skin impurities and issues especially for those of us with oily skin.  Most of the diseases and outbreaks happen during the rainy season. This is the season,so it is extremely important to take extra care of our skin especially if you have oily skin. We will be discussing how to take care of oily skin in rainy season. People with oily skin suffer the most during rainy days as they may observe breakouts, pimple, acne or rashes on the skin. Acne is almost unavoidable during these days but taking care of your skin can help to prevent these problems.

 Here is how you should take care of your skin during the rainy season.

1. Toning


The most important part of  skin care routine is Toning. It is a ritual that must be followed during the raining season.  The use of  toner helps balance the pH level of the skin, prevents bacterial action and helps to keep your skin healthy. Use Love nature face Toner,Novage bright sublime brightening Toner ,Pure skin refreshing Toner.

2. Cleansing



Cleansing your skin is as important as Toning the skin. Cleansing helps to get rid of the debris and harmful ingredients accumulated on the upper layer of the skin and also helps to control oil production on the face. Cleanse your face before bedtime and wake up to a gorgeous clear skin.sublim Use Novage smoothing cleansing Milk,Novage  brightening cleanser.

3. Use salicylic acid based face wash



Your skin generally suffers from bacterial reaction during the rainy season which may lead to pimples,acne and boils on the skin.Experts advice the use of salicycic based face wash for prevention of face pimples and acne.The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties found in salicylic acids helps to prevent acne on the skin and also helps the skin to breathe.Use Pure skin 2in1 face wash and scrub.

 5. Wash with hot water

Instead of lukewarm or cold water,wash your face with hot water. Washing your face with hot water can help to dissolve the oil accumulated on the skin, this promotes healthy and glowing  skin. The use of hot water also kills the bacteria on the skin and closes the pores effectively.


7. Gram flour helps

Gram flour or besan face masks are generally healthy for your skin throughout the year but it is certainly good to be used on oily skin during the rainy season. Make a homemade besan mask in order to pamper your skin and promote healthy looking skin. Take two spoons of besan and add some milk and turmeric to it. Mix together and apply on the face. Besan contains soothing properties. Use this mask regularly to get the soft, glowing and smooth skin.

8. Use face masks


The use of face mask during the rainy season is extremely important on oily skin, as it keeps your skin hydrated and prevents excessive dryness. Face mask helps to improve skin elasticity, close the pores on the skin easily and provides that cooling effect on the skin, thereby keeping it soft and supple. Use pureskin scrub and mask.

Do the above and  your skin will thank you this rainy season. Remain beautiful

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