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Personal tips for surviving the harmattan season

It is harmattan season in Nigeria,some people may love this season and to some others,a total nightmare. This season,we go a step further from our normal routine. A little change in lifestyle this season can go a long way.So,here are some tips that can help you survive the harmattan season.

Take off your makeup

The weather may be chilling,please do not be tempted to sleep in your makeup,as the effect will be devastating. You will age badly.

Use tender care protecting balm

tender care balm

Apply tender care balm to your lips,eyebrows,eye area before going to bed. If you don’t have tender care balm,you can substitute with Shea butter(ori).

Use foot cream

Apply Feet up advanced cracked heel cream and wear socks to bed. You will love your feet in the morning.

Love nature coconut oil

love nature

Given the season,your regular wipes may dry out your skin. Use love nature coconut oil as your makeup remover instead.

Soft caress protecting Hand and Nail cream

soft caress

Also remember to slather hand cream before going to bed and during the day,take t

ime to massage product into hands,fingers and nails.

Drink water

The harmattan period is dehydration,also people tend to consume more alcohol this season(parties,weddings and all),which is dehydrating and dehydration causes tightness  and flaking of the skin,so drink water as often as you can.

Do the above and enjoy the season. Cheers.











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