Weight(management) has been an issue for a lot of people who want to look beautiful and smarter but find it very difficult to loose a pound or two. They are couple of ways being employed these days by a lot of people to loose weight but only very few of such methods are actually effective.We all know the numerous benefits of weight loss-ranging from reduced health risk factors,lowering of high blood pressure,reduced risk of diabetics,high immunity,higher chances of conception  to most importantly, looking young and beautiful.

For these reasons people are jumping in and looking for ways to lose weight in order to achieve all of the above mentioned. So here are few guidelines that will make you loose weight gradually but surely,this is coming from someone who used to be a size 14 to a healthy size 12. So rather than going through the conventional shortcut of starving and popping unhealthy and unsafe vitamins,teas and the rest, just do the following and get long lasting results.


  • Begin your day with a blend of nutrients,this will regulate your blood sugar. Breakfast is very important in achieving your weight loss goal. Aim to take calories only 400 to 500 during breakfast. Try Eggs, nuts, unsweetened yogurt and beans in the morning. You can also add coffee which is one of the best sources of antioxidants to your breakfast.


  • Avoid stress. It has been proven that stress is the major cause of obesity,stress leads to increased appetite,therefore it is very important to reduce stress to the barest minimum. Your journey to weight loss will be faster if stress is managed.


  • Do more fiber. High fiber intake leads to faster burning of fat and increases weight loss- fibers also act as blood sugar regulator. Eat more of certain fruits,oats,wheat bread instead of white bread (you can never loose a pound while eating white bread).
  • Eat proteins. Lean meat,fish,white chicken,cheese and yogurts etc are all sources of good proteins which can lead to weight loss.


  •  Go Green. It has been proven that Green tea burns calories-so,try it out.


  • Eat dinner. As opposed to popular opinion that skipping dinner makes you lose weight,eating dinner is actually very important for weight loss because you get healthy nutrients for your body during dinner,also researches has shown that skipping dinner can lead to premature aging.


  • Take low sodium products for weight loss,just don’t over do it. Add fine salt to your diet.


  • Reduce your calories intake. Cut down sugars and bad carbs by taking more vegetables,beans and whole grains. Eat a little of everything that way you get balanced diet. Personally, I watch everything I eat during the week but indulge myself on  some Sundays -I can eat ice cream,chips,pastries,wine by so doing I don’t feel deprived.


  • Exercising is the last on this  list but definitely not the least method of weight loss. Exercise regulates blood sugar level and helps to distribute oxygen to every part of the body. I skip,squat,stretch and dance just to sweat a little. Believe me,you look younger and fresher when you exercise,just pick an exercise routine you are most comfortable with and go with it.
Please do all of the above and and watch yourself turn to a ‘beautiful swan’ in weeks.
Cheers Emma Oscar-Atuma
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