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Here we discuss and dissect beauty issues,products and everything in between on a personal level, you get to ask beauty questions. Basically interacting.


WEIGHT LOSS AND BEAUTY Weight(management) has been an issue for a lot of people who want to look beautiful and smarter but find it very difficult to loose a pound or two. They are couple of ways being employed these days by a lot of people to loose weight but only very few of such methods are actually effective.We all know the numerous benefits of weight loss-ranging from reduced health risk factors,lowering of high blood pressure,reduced risk of diabetics,high immunity,higher chances of conception  to most importantly, looking young and beautiful. For these reasons people are jumping in and looking for ways …

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Hello Beautiful people,We are back! Its been a long while since we had any meaningful activity here due to circumstances which is now well under control. So,it is safe to say we are back and welcome;even though the year has been far spent,we still hope to achieve much. The main news is that we have YouTube channel and excellent real subscribers, thanks to The Marketing Heaven, so you can now easy find us there. A lot will be happening on this site from here on as major changes will be made,my job is to find what works and share with …

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The Best Way to Exfoliate with 2-in-1 pureskin facewash and scrub

The Best Way to Exfoliate with 2-in-1 pureskin facewash and scrub Hello people, Am sure we are familiar with the Oriflame Pureskin range,today we will talking about how best to use the Pureskin 2-in-1 face wash and scrub. Personally I like using mine on Saturdays and on Sundays(afterall is meant to be used twice a week). I dedicate my weekends to some much-needed skin pampering. Owing that pollution,dust and grime tends to settle on our skin. Regular face wash only removes the surface dirt on our skin but does not remove pores-clogging dirt which  could lead to unwanted acne and …

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Personal tips for surviving the harmattan season


It is harmattan season in Nigeria,some people may love this season and to some others,a total nightmare. This season,we go a step further from our normal routine. A little change in lifestyle this season can go a long way.So,here are some tips that can help you survive the harmattan season. Take off your makeup The weather may be chilling,please do not be tempted to sleep in your makeup,as the effect will be devastating. You will age badly. Use tender care protecting balm Apply tender care balm to your lips,eyebrows,eye area before going to bed. If you don’t have tender care …

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How to take Care of Oily Skin in Rainy season

How to Care for Oily Skin in Rainy season The rainy season comes with a lot of skin impurities and issues especially for those of us with oily skin.  Most of the diseases and outbreaks happen during the rainy season. This is the season,so it is extremely important to take extra care of our skin especially if you have oily skin. We will be discussing how to take care of oily skin in rainy season. People with oily skin suffer the most during rainy days as they may observe breakouts, pimple, acne or rashes on the skin. Acne is almost …

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PURE SKIN RANGE Pure Skin has a wide range of products to target spots and blackheads and help prevent breakouts. All Pure Skin products are anti-bacterial and have detect technology combined with salicylic acid to clear away dead skin cells, limit sebum production and prevent shine. I recommend the pure skin range for people with oily skin accompanied with pimples and black spots.This range is very effective and the results can be seen in as little as 3 days. The 2in1 scrub and face wash,the clarifying scrub and mask you can use weekly or sparingly but the refreshing toner and …

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Get your basics right

Get your basics right Most times,getting glowing and flawless skin has nothing to do with money or class but with getting your basics right. Don’t just walk into a cosmetics shop and get anything you see off the shelf probably because someone you know is using that product or it is ‘what the big girls ‘are using. If you don’t know about cosmetics-be open to learn from a specialist or someone who knows. Know your skin type  Not knowing your skin type is like going through life without knowing your genotype. This is the foundation of all things,it helps you know what …

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HOW TO LOOK YOUR BEST ON YOUR WEDDING DAY Every weekend, hundreds of people get married,but somehow the bride is always the point of attention,you have to look your best on your wedding day because long after the guests have gone-if you succeed in getting your wedding day  look right,you will cherish the memories you created for a very long time. Every girl is allowed to shine and look her best on her wedding day,as a matter of fact,she is permitted to be a super star on her big day. I will show you how be the best looking bride …

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     Everywhere I turn, I see people with different skin issues and in need of urgent help but clueless as to what to do and unfortunately I cannot talk to everyone. Skin issues has no age restrictions. Young people,adults and senior adults experience skin problems but the pertinent questions are;what is my skin type and how does my skin type affect me?,what do I really need and what products targets my skin condition?, who do I  talk to?. To answer any of the above questions,we have certified Oriflame consultants who can help you. The added bonus is that these consultants will …

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  Every woman knows that feeling gorgeous makes you more confident- and that is why we deserve to pamper ourselves. Whether you are treating yourself to a spa, manicures and facials or even shopping, having an indulgent and effective beauty regime ensures that your inner confidence shines through.         ACTIVELLE available in a spray can and roll-on, is specially formulated to provide you reliable anti-perspirant protection to ensure all day freshness while caring for your skin and reliable freshness and protection against odour without leaving white marks on your clothes. ACTIVELLE also offers 24-hour invisible protection , …

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